Sock Out Cancer® Mission Statement

Recognizing the enormous emotional and financial strain and other challenges cancer brings to afflicted patients and their families, Sock Out Cancer, LLC, is a nonprofit initiative whose mission is to assist financially distressed cancer patients and their families pay for non-medical necessities such as food, transportation and housing so patients can focus their energy on fighting cancer.

Participating hospital foundations and other charitable organizations identify eligible individuals and distribute the funds.

There are many types of cancer, represented by more than 25 different colors. The Sock Out Cancer logo—a pair of multi-hued socks—symbolizes the fight against cancer in all its forms. Community-based fundraising efforts and the sale of Sock Out Cancer socks help raise public awareness of the financial challenges facing families fighting cancer. 

Sock Out Cancer continues to inspire many, and the movement is growing.  Please join us!

Sock Out Cancer, LLC, is wholly owned by the Security Mutual Life Foundation, which is a New York 501(c)(3) public charity. Deductible charitable donations may be made directly to Sock Out Cancer, LLC, or to the Security Mutual Life Foundation.

Together, we can help Sock Out Cancer!

Order your Socks today and help Sock Out Cancer!