Sock Out Cancer™ Rocks Broome County

(Binghamton, NY • August 1, 2017) For the past several months, many people in Broome County have been happening upon painted rocks designed to bring a smile to the face of the lucky finders. It’s all part of Broome County Rocks—a local Facebook group whose mission is “to spread joy, love, and inspiration through the simple gesture of painting rocks and putting them throughout the community.” The initiative has become hugely popular, and the group has grown to include more than 13,000 members—children and adults alike!

Now courtesy of the employees of Security Mutual Life, there are some new rocks just waiting to be found and to inspire—Sock Out Cancer™* rocks. “We thought this was a great way to help spread Sock Out Cancer’s message of hope and encouragement,” said Security Mutual Life Chairman, President and CEO Bruce W. Boyea. “Each rock features the rainbow-hued Sock Out Cancer™ socks representing the many different forms of cancer patients are battling. Our hope is that these colorful rocks will help brighten the day for patients and their family members and friends. It’s really a message of solidarity and a way of letting patients know how many people care and are wishing them well.”

Whoever finds a rock is encouraged to take a photo, post the photo to the Broome County Rocks Facebook page along with any information they would like to include about their find, and then relocate the rock so someone else can experience the joy of discovering it. People are allowed to keep any rocks they really like, as long as they create and relocate new rocks to replace them.

Rocks can be found anywhere outside, from parks and playgrounds, to outside the entrances of stores, offices and other buildings. So if you happen to be in Broome County, be on the lookout for Broome County Rocks—especially Sock Out Cancer Rocks!—and be sure to share and relocate your finds!

*Sock Out Cancer™ is a nonprofit program that helps support individuals with cancer who also need assistance paying for basic living expenses, such as rent or mortgage payments, food, and transportation to the hospital. Communities can launch a Sock Out Cancer program in their respective areas, and the program then works with each community’s existing charitable organizations to help support cancer patients and their families in their time of financial need.